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Realtime database applications with Node.JS and HTML5 WebSockets

As you could’ve read in my first post, I’m doing the Honours programme at the college I’m at. This basically means that I get extra (more challenging) work to do next to my standard college assignments.

The first assignment we got came from Thialf Heerenveen, an ice skating stadium which is also used for national and international ice skating competitions. Thialf is using the Local Position Measurement (shorthand: LPM) system which was developed by InMotio. The system is basically some sort of GPS system, but MUCH more accurate. When ice skaters are training, they get a tracker, and as they do their training, data about their training is collected. The downside about this approach was that the coaches of these ice skaters could only see the data visualised after the training was complete, which made it still handy, but made immediate feedback impossible. Also the data they were given was mostly not visual enough and required thorough analysis before you could draw conclusions.
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