Hello world!

To keep the tradition of all programmers since “The C Programming Language” written by Brian Keringhan alive, I would like to begin my blog with a Hello World post. Not trying to show you a working piece of code but to actually introduce myself to the world.

My name is Ruben Homs, which you might’ve guessed by the URL, and I’m a second year IT Honors-student at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen in the Netherlands. I’m generally interested in anything related to technology but do take interest in other subjects, which I will gradually introduce to you through this blog.

What will you post on your blog?
Good question! To be honest I’m not entirely sure yet. I had plans of talking about the projects I’m working on. That still seems like a good idea because there generally is a lot on my mind to talk about. Even though writing a blog with the only visitor generally being the google bot indexing my site, I tend to understand the problem, and thus being closer to a solution, better when I write it down. And what’s a better way then writing a blog about it? Oh, and English writing skills.  I think my English verbal skills are just fine but tend to make dumb mistakes on grammar. So in the hope of coming across a grammar Nazi on the internet, which I believe there are enough of, I’ll add English writing skills to my to-do list for my blog.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I like writing entries to it!

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